Welcome to Access Drainage Investigations & Repairs Ltd
Access Drainage Investigations & Repairs Ltd was incorporated in April 2001, specifically to provide a complete drainage service for domestic and commercial clients. Our company is the leader in providing the highest levels of service, quality, advice surveying available in the drainage market.

Our company is ISO 9001 registered and operates in two distinct departments:

"Drain Repairs"

Drain surveys and repairs

Working for both the general public, insurance market and commercial clients alike.

Our survey repair team carries out fully detailed surveys, response and repairs to drainage.

Drain Lining and Patch Lining

Access investigations and Repairs Ltd offers several ‘no dig‘ solutions to restore structural integrity to defective pipes and sewers.

By repairing pipes this way we can complete works at a much lower cost and with considerably less inconvenience to the property owner. In addition, by avoiding excavation we can complete works in a fraction of the time and avoid disturbing the ground surface and the inevitable need to reinstate to its original condition.Where a pitch fibre pipe has collapsed our technicians are often able to re-round it using a winch driven mandrel pulled through it.

Access Investigations and Repairs Ltd use an exclusive ‘cured in place‘ polyester pipe liner which is inserted and, using water pressure or air, applied to the inside of the old pipe.

Where the level of damage is more localised, similar techniques can be used to apply an Access Investigations and Repairs Ltd exclusive patch system which uses a silicate resin and glass matting material to repair isolated areas of damage. The patch can be applied and cured in less than 3 hours without interrupting drain flow.

The bonded system is watertight and provides an economic, durable, structurally sound and long lasting solution to drainage problems. All resins used in the repair systems are completely environment free and are the lowest possible styrene odour.

Following repair, the pipework is again inspected by CCTV to verify that the work has been undertaken successfully.